There is a small country in the heart of Europe, which doesn’t have high mountains, only 600-1000 metres tall hills. There is a small country, which doesn’t have any seaside, its biggest lake, the Balaton is only 10 metres deep. But this small country has a more than 21.000 kilometres long marked net of hiking trails. This small country has the oldest long distance path in Europe, which was born in 1938, almost 80 years ago. In this small country the wild camping is allowed, only with a few limitig conditions MORE. This small country is Hungary, and I would like to invite you, visit this country and walk a bigger or shorter distance along its National Blue Trail!

The route of the National Blue Trail
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Kőszeg town - The National Blue Trail goes across the historical main square.
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Sümeg - The 750 years old fortress
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View towards the extinct volcanoes from the path of the National Blue Trail.
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Hollókő village. It is a World Heritage Site.
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The Dripstone Cave of Aggtelek. It is a World Heritage Site, too.
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View from the route of National Blue Trail to the Castle of Füzér.

The long route of the National Blue Trail starts on the 884 metres tall peak of Írott-kő Mountain at the Austrian-Hungarian border. It descends to the feet of the mountains, visits the 700 years old Kőszeg town, crosses the Little Hungarian Plain and after the fort of Sümeg the long and winding way continues among the hills and mountains of the Transdanubian Mid-Range Mountains. The marked trail reaches Budapest at the half of its route, here the hikers can throw a glance at Budapest from the hills, later the path crosses the Danube at the Danube Bend between the Pilis and Börzsöny Mountains.

The meandering route of the National Blue Trail goes on along the Northern Mid-Range Mountains, climbs the peaks of the Börzsöny, Mátra, Bükk and Zemplén Mountains, the mild hills of Cserhát and Cserehát Hilly Countries. Along its long route the Trail visits two World Heritage Sites: the old village of Hollókő and the Dripstone Cave of Aggtelek. Finally it reaches the small Hollóháza village, where we reach its end at a small monument.

This website is an advertisement, the advertisement of the beautiful Hungarian countryside and the National Blue Trail. The editor of this website completed three times this long route, the travelogues were written and photos were taken on those big hikes. He has been living in Hungary since his birth, but he recognised this country only on these hikes really. He felt in love with the mildly waving hills and mountains, friendly people of the small villages, ruins of big fortresses and already forgotten small castles, extinct volcanoes and the whole atmosphere of the Hungarian countryside! He thought it is worth bringing his experiences within reach for somebody else. He hopes, the travelogues, the route-altitude profiles, the general information chapter and the other advices will help you, if you decide to visit Hungary, and the National Blue Trail.

If somebody tells about himself/herself in a company in Hungary, that he/she is a hiker, almost sure that the first question will be “And have you completed the Blue Trail?” Nearly every Hungarian has heard about this thing. The completion of the Blue Trail is an important part in the life of a Hungarian hiker. There are 147 checkpoints along the route of the Trail. If somebody can collect the stamps of all checkpoints in his personal completion booklet, only in that case is the Blue Trail completed by that person.

But not the number of the collected stamps are important, if you walk along the path of the Trail, but more important thing is to visit the most beautiful natural and built sight of Hungary during the long hike and become familiar with the history of this small Middle European country. Please, enter the pages of this website, study the route-altitude-profiles, enjoy the travelogues and photos, and if you decide to hike on the National Blue Trail, don’t hesitate! Pick up your backpack and come to Hungary!



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